Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NUVO continues to support local bike racing, my writing career

My pals at NUVO continue to do an excellent job of supporting local bike racing. Not only are they sponsoring Saturday's massive Mass Ave Crit, they also hired me to write a couple of stories in advance of the race.

If you're even remotely aware of the Indiana racing scene, you know we have a number of talented female cyclists. Bri Clark, Sierra Siebenlist, Sydney Hatten, Sarah Fredrickson, Nicole Borem ... the list could go on and on. Not only do they kick ass on the bike, they're inspiring other racers to toe the start line as well. You can read my story here.

When it comes to influential figures on the local scene, Marian University Cycling Coach Dean Peterson has to be at the top of the list. From guiding the best collegiate racing team in the country to launching the career of several up-and-coming pros to running the Indy Cycloplex, Peterson keeps Indy cycling rolling at an incredible pace. But that's only part of his story. In our hour-plus interview, I learned so much about Peterson's background -- serving as a Peace Corps volunteer, starting a cycling team that funneled money to children's charities, and much more -- I came away with an even greater respect for him, something I didn't think possible.

If you show up at Saturday's race, keep an eye out for me wearing the Team Nebo Ridge kit toward the back of the Cat 4 field.

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