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I desperately try to hold Sally Marchand Collins’ wheel as the 4’10” firecracker rockets down Aynes Loop in Brown County State Park.


Her tiny pistons are a blur as she bombs through the bermed corners, kicking back loose dust from the dry singletrack. I try to use my much more sizeable mass to catch up on the downhills, but she’s descending like the professional skills coach she is.

Yes, we have our fair share of singletrack in Indiana, and while my beloved state doesn’t have the elevation of Colorado or the slickrock of Moab, we manage to make the most of the terrain we do have. That’s especially true of Brown County State Park, an IMBA Epic Ride Center and one of the crown jewels of Hoosier singletrack. Brown County might not be well known outside of the Great Lakes or the Rust Belt, but it’s quickly apparent why riders hailing from across the Midwest flock to the park about an hour south of Indianapolis every October.

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